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Hello! Whether you're an interested animal owner, a fan of fat noses, a possible owner looking for farts on you that you want to adopt one day, or just bored and looking for new things to learn about,This is a robbery, hands up! ...Or at least when this wiki is completed.

Description of Dog Breeds Wiki

Dog's are everybodys best friend. They are very cute and give slobbery kisses and hug people too much. creatures that were domesticated by our ancestors long ago--it's amazing to think that our companions, mascots, and pet fashion models descended from the fearsome, terrifying, and even mystifying wolf. Dogs have been used for work, protection, hunting, status, food, police work, and most commonly, pets. This wiki will inform you about some of the dog breeds. (There are hundreds, it's impossible to have a page on all of them.) It can help you pick a dog or just help you boost your knowledge on these furry creatures.

The Situation Currently...

This wiki is still under construction unfortunately. If you're a user of Fandom Wikia or just want a more easily accessible site with as much order and depth as Wikipedia itself, why not help by adding pages, categories, pictures, sources, and citations? It would help us grow greatly.

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